Ditch the impossible, DIY no heat hair tutorials with the CharlieCurl.


"This may be my best hair purchase ever!"

"This morning I woke up to a head full of wavey locks

"Thanks for making a great product."

@Curled my hair in about 3 hours with @be_a_charliegirl and it looks like this. Only my 2nd time using it! This may be my best hair purchase ever!

"So last night I road tested CharlieCurls. I followed the instructions and slept in it overnight. This morning I woke up to a head full of wavey locks. I am happy with the results!" Sibyl Lindsey at Hipster Henry

"Do you have more you are selling? I had my doubts - I have fine straight hair and it worked and lasted all day long... Thanks for making a great product." 


 "It's really made my life easier."

"Wow! That's a lot of volume."


 "CharlieCurls is crazy easy to use."

"My ends are happy!"

"We are sold."

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"When I took out the CharlieCurls that first morning I was shocked to see natural, soft curls! I continued to be surprised throughout the day as the curls held up, instead of falling flat like they do when I use a curling iron."
Diana at The Shady Lane

"I love it because this morning I took my hair out of it, ran my fingers through it and my hair was done! Literally 3 minutes. Not only that but no more heat means no more damage to my hair, my ends are happy! Get yours, you won't be disappointed.

My daughter has beautiful, golden blonde hair. It's as straight a straight can be. Enter CharlieCurls, an easy peasy hair twister that promises and delivers effortless, no heat waves and curls. We are sold on this fun new one piece curler. 
Amy Bizzarri at Amy Writes